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Artificial Swarm Method

The ideal time for this method is when drone cells appear.

1.  Remove the roof, crown board, supers (if any) and Queen excluder from original hive.

2.  Move original hive floor and brood box about one metre to the left of the original site but at right angles to it, giving it a small entrance to prevent robbing. Ensure there are  no Queen cells in this box but eggs to allow the bees to make Queen cells.

3.  Put a new floor and brood box on the original site. Put 2 frames of brood, one with the old (marked) Queen on it into the middle of the new brood box and fill the box with frames of foundation or drawn comb, if available, making sure that there are no Queen cells in these frames.


Crown board


Super or Eke*


Original brood box

Queen excluder

New Floor

New brood box


Original brood box turned 90o to the right


Original brood box turned 90o to the right

Move 1 metre to the left and 90o to the right