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Bait Hive - This is used to catch (hopefully) a swarm of bees.  It should attract the Scout bees who would like it enough to let the other bees know and bring the rest of the colony back.

Demaree Method - How to prevent a honey bee colony swarming.  During around May, if a colony grows so much it runs out of space in the hive, it is likely to swarm and the queen and bees will find a home with more space.  Besides the Demaree method, there are other methods of swarm control too, which may be covered in this section at a later date.

Bailey Frame Change - How to change all your frames in a brood box (mid March to April) and weather dependent, i.e. must be 14oC+.  There is a risk to the colony involved with this method but where disease is present, it may be the preferred option.  Some beekeepers will use a BFC to change their old frames.

Inside a new hive - Aimed at a learner beekeeper (or other interested person) who would like to know what a hive looks like. There are no bees in the example, but with the hive being empty it can provide an idea of how the bees live.

Artificial Swarm - An alternative to the Demaree Method. This involves the original brood box being turned 90o so entrance is away from original position.

Honey Extraction - What hard working bees we have.  Thanks to demonstration at KCBG, this provides information about clearer boards and harvesting the honey.

Feeding - Whether it is the “June Gap”, Autumn or Winter, bees may need feeding at different times of year until the nectar flows again.

Helpful Beekeeping Info

As this website grows, we should be able to provide more information, from experienced beekeepers and the beekeepers just starting out.

It may be that you have an interest in bees and want to know a little more.

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Creaming OSR Honey - Step-by-Step guide on how to cream OSR honey, with advice on how to make a warming cabinet, and relevant temperature information.