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Beekeeping Year


Remove all supers and extract final blossom honey crop when Rosebay willow herb is finished.


Move bees to heather if desired.


After removing final honey crop feed 2:1 sugar syrup or ambrosia until bees stop taking it. Adding Hive Alive to sugar syrup prevents it from fermenting in the combs if the bees do not have time to dry it out.


Apply varroa treatment when all honey has been removed.


Treat for Nosema


Watch for robbing, reduce hive entrances.


Unite small colonies to ensure strong overwintering stocks. Hives should ideally have at least 4 to 5 frames of brood from mid August up to end of September.

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Calendar of Events

KCBG meeting - “Winter Feeding” - 7-9pm

Dalmadilly apiary. Refreshments: £2. Soap and lip balm will be on sale, made by Keith Grammar School pupils.

ADBKA Skep-making Workshop with Bryce Reynard

Kinellar Hall, Fintray Rd, Blackburn AB21 0JQ (booking required) More Info

Saturday, 12 October 2019

ADBKA Honey Show - Kinellar Hall, Fintray Rd, Blackburn AB21 0JQ More Info

KCBG meeting will not take place, as Bee Cabin visit has been organised for Sunday, 20th Oct instead.

Visit to Bee Cabin Honey Processing facilities - 2 slots, 10.30am and 11.30am. Members should contact secretary@kemnaybees.org to book a slot.