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Beekeeping Year


Prepare spare brood/super frames (Click here for Thorne’s assembly video). Do not put foundation in frames until ready to use.


Clear away any dead bees blocking entrances


In mid-late Feb start to feed approx 500ml (1 pint) of Ambrosia every week to 10 days. Do not replenish until all has been taken down.


Feed Nektapoll/Candipollen Gold when bees are more active if there is a pollen shortage. Stop feeding when bees are returning with pollen.


See Jobs for the year

Calendar of Events

SBA Wax Workshop, Thornes, Newburgh - More Info

SBA AGM, 11am, Loch Leven Community Campus - More Info

KCBG AGM Meeting 7pm Kemnay Village Hall - More Info

ADBKA AGM plus lecture - Bumble & Solitary Bees by Murdo MacDonald 2pm - More Info

SBA “Microscopy workshop” 2 day, St Andrews University - More Info

ADBKA Classroom Day - Swarm Control with Tony Harris booking required - details to follow 

BBKA Spring Convention, Newport - More Info

ADBKA Demo - Shook swarm and Bailey comb change by Graham Torrie, 2pm Crathes Castle - More Info

ADBKA Demo - Apiary visit and Poly hives by Erling Watt, 2pm Hazlehead - More Info

ADBKA Demo - Apiary visit by Yvonne Davidson, 2pm Tarland - More Info