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Beekeeping Year


Complete spring anti-mite treatment before putting on supers.


Ensure you have enough clean supers ready.


Monitor for dead bees.


Hive inspection: look for eggs, larvae, capped cells, good brood pattern, signs of disease, varroa, and queen cells.


The colony will start to expand rapidly - add supers if required to create more space.  


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Calendar of Events

ADBKA Demo - Shook swarm and Bailey comb change by Graham Torrie, 2pm Crathes Castle - More Info

KCBG Apiary Tidy Up at Dalmadilly 10.30am

ADBKA Demo - Apiary visit and Poly hives by Erling Watt, 2pm Hazlehead - More Info

KCBG Meeting - Swarm Prevention - 7pm Dalmadilly - More info

KCBG Demo - Swarm Control, Dividing Colonies and Making Nucs - 10.30am Dalmadilly - More info

ADBKA Demo - Apiary visit by Yvonne Davidson, 2pm Tarland - More Info

KCBG Meeting - OSR honey - 7pm Dalmadilly - More info

Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh