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How to Cream OSR Honey

STEP 1: Store extracted honey in large tubs until it has set solid. This can take 3-6 weeks or longer.

STEP 2: Warm the honey in a warming cabinet until it has softened—making sure the temperature of the honey does not exceed 30C. The honey should not melt.

The air temperature in the cabinet can be allowed to get up to 60C.


Small warming cabinet made from polystyrene meat packaging box with low wattage light bulb.

Large warming cabinet made from polystyrene lined travel chest with low wattage light bulb.

STEP 3: Remove the softened honey from the cabinet.

Use a fork handle or similar to gently break down the solid honey using a plunging action.

STEP 4: Finish using a honey creaming tool to ensure all small lumps are broken down and the honey has a achieved a smooth, thick cream-like consistency.

STEP 5: Pour the creamed honey into a ripener for dispensing into jars.

Creamed honey is very viscous, so a little extra heat from a fan heater may be required during bottling.

Finally, the finished product: