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Inside a Bee Hive

(From Learner Beekeeper)

Having recently built my own bee hive, with help from my father (an ex carpenter), I took some photos of the finished product to demonstrate how the bees (and beekeepers) use a hive.

This is what the finished hive looks like, it is a Smith hive that is a little smaller in size to a National and other hives.  As I have been using a Smith hive with my Mentor, I became quite attached to them because many beekeepers use them in Scotland.

It may be best to start from the bottom up, so here is a picture of the hive floor. There is a mesh floor (to let varroa mites drop through - these are harmful to bees).  

At the back, of the hive, an insert tray can be pulled out to check if any mites have fallen through the mesh and if so, the bees would need to be treated. The insert is also useful for checking what is going on in the hive, e.g. if pollen is being brought in and if the bees are cleaning the wax ready for new brood.

Next layer on top of the floor, is the brood box where the queen bee lays her eggs and the workers tend to the brood and create their stores (food). There are 11 frames in the brood box which are deeper than the frames in the boxes higher up.  The frame I placed on top has new wax foundation (which the bees will draw to make comb).

See example of a brood frame with drawn comb and brood on the left.


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More about Hives

Of course, there are many different types of hives and useful information about this is found at the ADBKA website.  

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