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Diary of a Learner Beekeeper

About me

My name is Angela and I am still in my forties (just).  I have a family, full-time job as a teacher and needed a hobby (besides skiing and running), that would help me relax at the end of a stressful day/week.

I have had an interest in beekeeping since I heard Bill Turnbull (BBC News) kept bees.  From my own point of view, I thought it was extremely fascinating and I would love to try it but it was just not possible (or so I thought) for two reasons:

1) I did not have a big enough garden, and

2) I knew nothing about beekeeping and did not know where to start.

That all changed when I met some neighbours (and you know who you are) who told me they were starting out and had joined the Kemnay Community Bee Group. The group have a piece of land on loan to them where the group are allowed to keep hives.

Out of interest, I started attending meetings to learn about beekeeping and with the help of the group, I was out visiting apiaries of more experienced beekeepers, to learn the craft, I attended lectures at the Aberdeen and District Beekeepers’ Association, (now running in February at Inverurie Academy - See Calendar) which was informative, and I read books and researched about beekeeping on the web.  

Thanks to my mentor who was looking to pass on one of his hives, I am now a beekeeper who, back in October, adopted thousands of the little creatures. My life changed…….

I now take a keen interest in the weather, and worry that the weather is too hot? Too cold? Do the bees have enough food? etc., etc.

If you are interested in beekeeping, I thought you may like to read about what I was up to as a learner beekeeper, my successes, and hopefully, not too many failures.

I forgot to mention, I also update this website, so if you want to contact me at webmaster@kemnaybees.org and let me know of any errors/improvements, your feedback is very much appreciated.


Top Tips:

To help you get started or just to find out if beekeeping is for you, join a local group.

Groups may have their own land or details of people who are willing to let you use their land for beekeeping.