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KCBG Meetings & Demos

Meetings will take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month. During warmer months, meetings will be held at the Portacabin, Dalmadilly 7pm-9pm.  Venue will be advised at other times.

Demos on the 1st Sunday of the month at 10.30am (weather permitting) at Dalmadilly Quarry. Changes will be notified here.  

If you plan to attend please check this web page or Facebook where last minute changes will be notified.


If you wish to participate in the Apiary demos you must wear full protective clothing (we do have a limited supply, contact Secretary to make sure):

Bee veil, bee jacket and trousers (or all in one bee suit), bee gloves and wellingtons (to protect ankles).

Mentors will decide whether members are suitably protected.

Next KCBG dates :

Thursday, 19th September 2019

KCBG Meeting

“Winter Feeding”

7-9pm at Dalmadilly

Refreshments: £2


Sunday, 6th Oct 2019

Sunday Demo

“Preparing for Winter”

10.30am-12 noon

Dalmadilly apiary, Kemnay


Thursday, 17th October 2019

KCBG Meeting has been re-arranged to Sunday, 20th October where members have kindly been invited by “Bee Cabin” Aboyne, to visit the Honey Processing facilities.  Please email secretary@kemnaybees.org so that members can book either a 10.30am or 11.30am visit.

Thank you to “Bee Cabin”.


Thursday, 21st November 2019

Kemnay Village Hall

Guest Speaker (To be advised)

If you wish to renew your membership, or if you are thinking of joining us, come along to find out more, and talk to our like-minded beekeeping friends to find out more about this unusual hobby.

Contact us through our Facebook page or email secretary@kemnaybees.org

New Members or

thinking about it?

We welcome new members.  If you are not sure if beekeeping is for you, then come along to a meeting, before you decide, and chat to other members, our experiences are varied.

Click here for Membership details

Meetings 2019

21 Mar: AGM

18 April: Queen marking

16 May: Swarm prevention

20 June: Open evening

18 July: Summer feeding

15 Aug: Varroa control and uniting

19 Sept: Winter feeding

17 Oct: Guest speaker Kemnay Village Hall

21 Nov: Guest speaker Kemnay Village Hall

Demos 2019

7 April: First inspection

5 May: Apiary tidy up

2 June: Swarm control. dividing colonies and making nucs

7 July: No meeting (June gap)

4 Aug: Varroa control

1 Sep: Uniting and winter feeding

6 Oct: Preparing for winter