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Recommended Reading

Ted Hooper : “Guide to Bees and Honey”

Robert Couston : “Principles of Practical Beekeeping”

Ted Hooper : “Beginner’s Bee Book”

Animal and Plant Health Agency (National Bee Unit) : “Managing Varroa”

British Beekeeping Association - “A ‘Bee-Friendly’ Guide to Help Save The Honey Bees”

DEFRA - “Foulbrood Disease of Honey Bees and other common brood disorders”

L.E. Snelgrove : “Queen Rearing”

Tom Seeley : “Honeybee Democracy”

Beekeepers just starting out, recommend:

David Wiscombe & Howard Blackiston : “Beekeeping for Dummies”

Alan Campion and Gay Hodgson : “Bees at the bottom of the garden”

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