STEP 1: Store extracted honey in large tubs until it has set solid. This can take 3-6 weeks or longer.

STEP 2: Warm the honey in a warming cabinet until it has softened—making sure the temperature of the honey does not exceed 30C. The honey should not melt. (To the right is an example of a small warming cabinet made from a meat packaging box with low wattage light bulb.)

(To the left is a larger warming cabinet made from polystyrene lined travel chest with low wattage light bulb.)

STEP 3: Remove the softened honey from the cabinet.

Use a clean garden fork handle or similar tool to gently break down the solid honey using a plunging action.

STEP 4: Finish using a honey creaming tool to ensure all small lumps are broken down and the honey has a achieved a smooth, thick cream-like consistency.

STEP 5: Pour the creamed honey into a ripener for dispensing into jars. Leave to settle for a day or two before bottling.

Step 6: Creamed honey is very viscous, so a little extra heat from a fan heater may be required during bottling.

Finally, the finished product.