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The nearest supplier you can visit in this area is The Bee Cabin, in Aboyne.

Castle Business Centre, North Wing, Aboyne AB34 5JP

Phone: 07772 186654
Monday 11am to 2pm 
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Carefully managed honey bees for sale from our best bees situated on a local organic estate.

Polynucs with an overwintered marked 2022 queen, at least 3 full frames of brood at all stages on National Hoffman frames. Ideal for summer honey crop.

Would prefer to sell to an experienced beekeeper or someone who has completed a beginners course or similar training.

Price £140,  £70 refundable if the Polynuc and ratchet strap is returned.

Please contact Norman or Maureen

Mobile: 07890 631813

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Wooden National bee hives with bees available.  Phone Werner Leye on 07843 570415